Mediaset Infinity

Development of mobile touchpoints for the main Italian OTT platform

Mediaset Infinity, the evolution of Mediaset Premium combines the contents of infinity. We have developed mobile touchpoints: smartphone app, tablet and web app.

Mediaset Infinity is the evolution of the Mediaset Play platform. The new reality keeps the incredible free video offer of the Mediaset networks unchanged, and it combines the free and pay content of Infinity + where the UI UX redesign allows a better navigation of the platform and its functions.

Now usable from Smart TV too, the app allows access to a ever updated catalog of titles, expanded by a series of unreleased programs created specifically for the platform and sets such as Sports, Documentaries, TV series.

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iOS development
Android development
Front End development

Team Rawfish


1 yeah + maintenance


May 2021

The synthesis of two OTT platforms that maintains and improves all user functions

In-App Purchase
Facilitates the purchase of new subscriptions / products directly within the app.

Funzioni core
Premium content, subscription flow and payment flow.

The contents were merged into a single user-side platform with greater ease of user conversion, offering premium contents on the same free platform, and a merge of the infinity user DB with Mediaset user DB was made which does not involve any modification to the login for the end user. You can reuse the same login previously used for Premium, as well as the main features: premium content, subscription flow and payment flow.

Application of the new architecture for the centralized management of the Mediaset group apps

Mediaset Infinity is the third project in order of development that exploits the UI Kit system to generate views with significantly better rendering performance.
The separation of the kit into two separate modules represented a real challenge: a core part managing communication with the middleware, caching, parsing and all common functions. A second part rendering the peculiar components of a “property” (Mediaset Infinity, TgCom, Sport). This will allow in the future not to have to act on the core of the system but only the user interface.

Modularity in the development of components

Thanks to the maintenance and exploitation of the same Middleware exhibiting the same APIs for all the apps in the group, 40% of time was saved in the execution of the project.

Our goal was to make the app architecture more modular, facilitating the development of new features and entire additional sections. As for the other apps developed for the Mediaset group, the Reactive Programming and MVVM pattern was used. This process made it possible to reduce maintenance costs by 70% and ensured app stability by 99%, for easier management of the platform and touch points (back-end, app).

Redesign the UI

To convey the Mediaset Premium and Infinity + apps, the need for a complete restyling was shared. This included the rewriting of the architecture and UI, the revision of the complex Features (the components of the homepage, updated in a specific way, light preview inside the video player with links to video clips, sleep timer), the reconstruction of the video playlist page. and the video page using the UI kit now common to all the apps developed for the group.

"Thanks to the maintenance of the RT and exploiting the same Middleware exhibiting the same APIs for all the apps of the group, 40% of time was saved in the execution of the project."


Mobile Area Manager

Agile method for planning activities

Adoption of some tools of the agile method with full remote collaboration throughout the development period.

  • Organization of the task board with weekly agile estimates
  • Daily standups to monitor the team performance against weekly estimates
  • Assigning the degree of priority to each task

The agile organization led to the optimization of the productivity of each resource which is reflected in the production timing of the whole project.

Cyclical development flow

Once the full capacity was reached, an iterative cycle was planned in the development which included the following activities:

  • 2 scheduled builds per week
  • Test
  • Feedback
  • Fine tuning

Free and Premium content

The new Mediaset Infinity app collects all the respective contents, allowing the user to activate premium subscriptions directly in the app.


The app offers the functions expected from every OTT platform.

  • Watching the Trailer (Film)
  • Saving the displayed content to your own list
  • Content evaluation
  • Content link sharing

Cyclic tests

The tests were managed by the Mediaset Play Team with whom we immediately shared procedures and solutions to send and receive reports.

User Login

The respective users of the Mediaset Play and Infinity + apps were able to log in without resetting their account.

“As with the other apps we developed for the Mediaset group, we used the Reactive Programming and MVVM pattern. This process made it possible to reduce the maintenance cost by 70% and ensured an app stability of 99%, for easier management of the platform and touch points (back-end, app)."


Android Area Manager