We love to work on big challenges

We create mobile first digital products. We work with startups and enterprise companies.

Our expertise includes UI/UX Design, native iOS and Android Apps development, Web Apps, Internet of Things solutions (IoT), Smart Sensors, Chatbots and much more.

We love what we do

We are curious about what’s next, we love to test and experiments the latest technologies, willing to leverage them to benefit the iPhone apps, Android apps and web solutions we are working on.

Our customers

Brands / Startups

Our partners

We are partners of AQUARIUM VENTURES, the startup accelerator with a strong tech soul.

AQUARIUM VENTURES is the concrete opportunity to transform winning ideas into successful products, to support startups in the early stages of their business and to take them to the market with a high quality MVP.

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Rawfish s.r.l a Socio UnicoVia Carlo Mollino, 9036100 Vicenza - Italy+39 0444 875294info@rawfish.com


Rawfish s.r.l a Socio Unicovia Ripamonti, 13720141 Milano - Italy+39 02 36756430info@rawfish.com


Rawfish SaglVia Cantonale, 183928 Manno CHwww.rawfish.ch