City Pop, the new city experience.

City Pop is the app to rent fully furnished apartments around the world, to check-in and check-out independently, to open the door of your Pop, purchasing additional comforts throughout your stay.

City Pop is a young and dynamic company with a vision to revolutionize the concept of living space by creating solutions shaped on the real demands and needs of our society.

City Pop offers fully furnished apartments that can be rented for long periods and for any type of user: students, highly mobile workers, weekly commuters, freelancers, singles. You can book your stay from the app with the same ease with which you reserve a hotel room.

The booking is done quickly and safely, you can check-in and check-out intuitively and in full autonomy. You can choose to purchase additional comforts to your stay.


UX design
iOS native development
Android native development
Quality Assurance
Project management

Team Rawfish


Work in progress


February 2021

City Pop is a simple and intuitive app to book apartments
with flexibility of stay and many additional comforts.

Search for your favorite location and purchase an accommodation package through the app.

Renting your new apartment through the app is simple and intuitive and every booking can be made quickly and safely.

“Via the App, the user manages the entire customer experience. Booking management, check-in and check-out, access to the apartment and purchase of additional services.”


Backend developer

Full autonomous Check-in and Check-out.

The user can independently check-in and check-out of their stay. After authenticating the digital key from their smartphone, the guest can access the apartment and confirm the presence or correct functioning of all the available services.

Open the building entrances and your Pop door with a simple tap.

Directly from the App, with a simple tap, you can open the common doors inside the building, but above all the door of your apartment.

The digital access key is unique for each user.

Each user is given a personal access key, associated with their account and smartphone, to access the apartment.

A range of additional comforts.

Users can purchase additional services available through the weekly, biweekly plans or scheduled according to their needs.