Welcome to our series dedicated to our Rawfish team!
One of the first members working at Rawfish back in 2014 was Marco Mardegan.
He started collaborating with us when the company was at the beginning of its journey as a mobile agency. We took the chance of having him back in the office on a daily basis to ask a few questions and let you meet our peeps at Rawfish.

Hey Marco! What do you do at Rawfish? What’s your job?

I’m an iOS and Android developer. And also a Project Manager for some complex projects.
I started my coding adventures 14 years ago, but I started to focus on the mobile tech 6 years ago.

Which projects are you working on right now?

I’m taking care of the e-novia projects: Velochain, Blubrake, Hiride.
A few weeks ago I also started working on a secret project but we can’t reveal it yet!
The only thing I can share is the industry: a web radio! But, stay tuned, you will find out more soon.

You were a freelance before. What has changed since then?

When I was a freelance, I spent a lot of time at home, sometimes even working in my pyjamas.
Now my free time has been reduced, especially because I commute every day for 2 hours and sometimes I have to wear shirts. Lol!
There’s also a positive side, though. As a freelancer, I had to work in my free time. Now, when I go back home, I can focus only on the things I like: the gym, my girlfriend, and all the books on my reading list.

iOS vs Android. What do you think about this battle?

I’m not really lined up! Normally, it depends on the moment: if I’m coding Android I start being intolerant of that language. And the other way round.
In the last months, I’m working more on iOS. So, right now, my fav one is Android, of course!
I guess Android is easier to learn. At least, it was for me since I already knew Java.
Luckily, I am flexible and I can manage a lot of different projects.

What was the most exciting project you worked on?

One of the most interesting was WE-Dashboard, a mobile and web app for the professional bikes. WE-Dashboard enables users to set the shifters and the derailleur gears before getting in the saddle.
In this case, I took care of both the iOS and Android app development. The most interesting and challenging feature has been the Bluetooth integration, that allows the synchro between all the data.