Starting in November, Elisabetta joined our developers’ team. She’s the first female developer here in Rawfish -and we are super proud of it!
Let’s meet her and discuss her recent experience in Rawfish Bali, where she fused surf & code during her stay!

Hello Elisabetta! What do you do in Rawfish?
Hey there! My job is to implement web apps and to manage digital projects.

Tell us something about your previous experiences. How was the move to Rawfish, it being closer to a startup than a corporation?

I worked for quite some time in Software Houses in Milan and Bologna, where I managed and developed web projects as a freelance. In the last three years, I also worked with a World-known creative agency.
From these experiences, I cherish work methodologies, knowledge of the different client types and knowledge of different activities in developing digital apps. Last, but not least, were the human relations I developed during my journey.
My adventure in Rawfish has just recently started, and what pushed me to jump aboard was the general vibe I perceived here. Rawfish has the identity of a serious and ambitious company, always ready to face innovations with enthusiasm and an open mind. The people who work here are distinguished by their humanity and professionalism, which contributes to make the company a welcoming and overall nice environment.

How long have you lived in Milan? What is your relationship with the big city? And what is your relationship with your beloved Calabria instead?

I’ve been living in Milan for 6 years now, but I lived in other cities for long stretches of time too. Every place changed me a bit and contributed to my growth. Specifically, Milan gave me the chance to be me, try, experiment and revisit who I wanna be, both in my personal and in my work life.
Calabria is where I spent my early life and the beginning of my youth. It is a region with a lot of potential and relatively unknown to most. I have emotional attachments there, and I would like someday to think about it as more than just home.

You are the first female developer in Rawfish. Generally, do you think it’s hard to be a woman in the tech world? Have you ever felt the burden of gender differences?

I have an engineering education, which is known to be a heavily masculine environment. With time I got used to being in a minority, but I never felt a heavy gender inequality. I always felt I was representing a piece of nice and good news and I always got the room I deserved to act, no more and no less than others.
Maybe I got lucky, I don’t know, but I think that in work environments capabilities and attitudes are more important than gender. The real question I asked myself in time is why more women are not attracted by the tech world, rather than if they are welcome or not.

Let’s talk about juicy stuff: how was Rawfish Bali?

It has been a great and positive experience. Rawfish Bali feels like home. It’s a place where it’s easy to reconcile work and close contact with nature. Moreover, for surfers like me, it is one of the best places in the world where to do it and meet up with a global sea-lover community. Plus, networking and places where to do it are abundant too.

The best Elisabetta Pisano motto?

You say different, I hear interesting.