2017 has been a wonderful year for Rawfish and it coulnd’t have ended in a better way! Apart from our awesome Christmas party, MyFoody, one of the apps designed and powered by Rawfish has been awarded as one of the best 2017 iOS apps, for the sustainability category.
MyFoody is an app with lists and categorises the best offers in the supermarkets near you. You can find nearly expired products, seasonal fruits and vegs with little imperfections but pretty eatable, saving up to 50% on your grocery shopping, giving your contribution to build a better world, as it’s against food waste!

A super achievement for MyFoody and for us at Rawfish, too, as we’ve worked on the design and the iOS and Android development. Just to add: MyFoody has been part of the Rawfish startups acceleration program in Bali!

We’ve asked Alessandro Dipaola, Product Manager at MyFoody a couple of questions to picture how it is working with Rawfish. We’ve aslo been able to get some secrets around MyFoody. Curious? We too.

The new MyFoody design was born thanks to a first co-design session developed then thanks to your partecipation to the Bali Program. Walk us throughout your experience.

Alessandro: “We’ve followed 3 important stages to develop MyFoody’s mobile app:

  • We’ve put together a document to list the tech/functional requirements
  • We’ve gone through a codesign session at Rawfish
  • We’ve developed the iOS and Android app with the Rawfish Bali team

The UX/UI has been defined in one week starting from some internal ideas and drafts which have been revised by the design team at Rawfish which has also defined the app user journeys.

After another revision, we’ve put together a document including the technical specification of the interface which has been combined to the functional requirements.

The app development has been done in Bali, where I’ve followed the actual app develpment working side by side with the Bali team. We’ve spent weeks working 24hours 7 days a week with an internationla team and an amazing atmosphere. It’s something I would of course recommend, especially the fact of seeing the app taking shape, day after day!”

The documents to list all the activities to be done is essential. It’s actually setting those goals that very different background are working to achive a common goal!

What does it mean working with an external team to develop your app and product?

Alessandro: “It means focusing on the management of a shared project, it’s actually essential setting goals and align everyone to the execution. The initial documents and drafts have been important to understand how to organise expectations and to align them to the app development. Finally, if we’ll need to develop more functionalities in the future, it’s very helpful being in touch with the same developers you’ve worked at the beginning of your journey.

Alessandro every 3-4 week is poppoing to our HQ in Vicenza to work side by side with our developer team. Working remotely is awesome but we believe face-to-face meetings are important to improve your problem solving skills!


Alessandro: “Honestly, we’ve been surprised when from the Apple Store we’ve been told our app has been included in the 2017 sustainability leaderboard, especially cause we’re sharing the list with a bunch of big players such as BlaBlaCar and Moovit.  
We’re proud of this achievements and t’s giving us another reason to work even more on MyFoody to expand the cities and supermarkets network, in Italy and Europe.


Alessandro: “In the next months we’ll focused on two important elements.  From one side we want to increase the offer available on the app, including other high street players, increasing the awareness and the opportunities of MyFoody in other Italian areas. Furthermore, we think we need more functionalities to allow users to not miss any offers. In particular, the ones for the most interesting products, so the can save even more on what they love buying!

At Rawfish we think we’ll see Alessandro again soon in our offices during 2018. Have you already downloaded MyFoody from the AppStore?
Check on our website the design and the technology we’ve used to develop on of the best 2017 iOS apps!