Last arrived in order of time, Federica is our freelancer. She is part of the UI / UX team and helps us to manage some of Rawfish’s most important projects.

Good day Federica, what’s your job here at RF?

I was tasked with taking care of CityPop, one of the flagship projects  Rawfish is managing right now. It’s a very “vertical” assignment, so it makes me busy every day I come here. Fortunately it is a very interesting job, so I do not feel stressed or fatigued.

Sarcedo, Trento and eventually Vicenza. Why choosing Rawfish, of all alternatives?

I had already joined briefly RF through a curricular internship when I was at university, Rawfish was almost an obligatory choice, all consdering the project they are taking care of. I do not think that with other companies I would have had the opportunity to work on such important tasks as it happens to me while working here.

However, I immediately felt that there was a connection while having the first interview, and I realized I was right when they offered me to work on CityPop, I had just become a freelancer and I joined gladly this adventure.

It looks like, you are enjoying working in here.

Yes it’s true, I feel really good, it is a dynamic environment where there is always something to do and learn. It didn’t take me much to get along with my colleagues, after a couple of months I felt already as if we had known each other for a lifetime. You can talk about everything, and colleagues are always willing to lend a hand.

I also love working on CityPop: it’s a young, modern and interesting project, it motivates me a lot to work on it. It is certainly valid and demanding, but I still hope to be able to follow some more projects in the future.

Let’s greet with a sentence that defines you.

“So, where is the UX here?” it is a phrase that I use every time I see something new, I’m afraid I’m a bit manic.