Rawfish is a young company, and as such it is always looking for new talents to join its team. Today we talk to Annalisa Brunati, our UX / UI intern.

Your first step into the job market, Annalisa. What are your duties in here?

I support the UX / UI team, we design new interfaces and user experience for smartphone applications. You learn a lot by walking the “front line”, training your intuition and rational approach; the creative component of the work comes after long studies and it is an aspect of this world that I really appreciate.

You were lucky to find right away a job related to your studies. Why did you choose Rawfish?

I found out about the company by chance, through the university. I had a small shortlist of names to choose from for my curricular internship, and at first I was actually undecided, they all seemed like excellent choices. Then I saw on Rawfish’s website the projects the company was managing, such as Mediolanum and Enel, and I realized that they were the right choice to put my skills at use. Moreover, it was exactly what the last courses I followed were all about, and therefore it seemed perfect even from an academic point of view, thought I was aware of my inexperience.

What is it like working at Rawfish? How do you value your experience?

Of course I did enjoy it. I immediately felt part of the team and they taught me everything there was to know, we did not lose a second. The environment is always very friendly, and if I have any problems I can talk openly about them. I arrived that I knew just how to use Windows, and now I am proficient with Mac and the most important software that we use here on a daily basis.

Any important project coming soon? What about your future?

At the moment I am still helping the team with many projects. The ones that engage me the most are certainly Z-Padel, BFT and Beautic. I don’t know how much I’ll be able to do still, since my apprenticeship contract will expire at the end of the summer, but I think I will keep in touch with Rawfish, or maybe even think about extending my time with them, but at the moment I can’t say for sure. As per the future, being a UX / UI designer would not be bad, but I also take into consideration the possibility of switching to project managing, I like the idea of interfacing with clients.

Let’s leave with your favorite phrase.

“Horray, a task!”. It is a phrase one of the characters from Bojack Horseman shouts. The context of the sentence is particular, but I like it because it indicates enthusiasm, and a little bit also my unhealthy obsession with productivity.