Rawfish is not just programming, Rawfish also has a large UX team to help our customers thrive. With six years of experience, Matteo Montani is one of the veterans of the team. Let’s hear what he wants to say about his adventure with us.

Matteo, explain us in simple words what your role is at RawFish.

I work with the UX and UI design team. I deal with the design of the human-machine interface, the websites and the connection between mobile apps and devices.

You’ve been working here at RawFish for six years now, how did this adventure start? What did motivate you to join the team?

It happened almost by accident. I was working for another company, and there I met a person who had worked with Rawfish before, so we started to talk about this reality I did not know yet. When I felt the need for a new challenge, I sent out many resumes, including one of course to Rawfish, and here I am! I was called in for a collaboration on a project (Quickword), then they decided to introduce me to the client and it was all smooth and easy from there.

Are you working on an interesting project?

To tell the truth, I am working on too many, luckily there is no shortage of work, and they are all very interesting. Among those I can talk about, are certainly our flagship projects CityPop, Domho, Adecco Group and NOWR, but I would also like to mention Funitek, Renesas, PatchAI and Z Padel. There would be many more, but it would take too long to list them all.

After six years, what still drives you to work for RawFish?

The reasons are many, but the first that comes to my mind is certainly that they give me a lot of freedom. My work as a designer has the right balance between rigour and creativity, and here I have the opportunity to work as I wish as long as I meet the deadlines, of course. It is also nice to be able to study the user’s psychology and come up with new ideas to adapt to it.

The best part is, that I sincerely am a bit the “opposite” of my job. But here we no longer have a stiff idea of the hierarchy and the product as we did in the companies where I worked previously, I have plenty of time to work out the right solutions for both the project and myself.

Could you define yourself with a sentence or adjectives?

Not my style actually, to define oneself always risks being a brag. I prefer others to define me if it is really needed.