We could say that when we talk about Rawfish’s backend Luca Grotto is the key master. Over the past years, he has become an irreplaceable person for the team here, whose professionalism is never questioned. Let’s find out what was the path that led him to us.

Luca, how did your passion for information technology develop?

It can be said I have been breathing IT since a young age, since the days of ITIS, and my diploma as a computer consultant. Later I continued my studies in Padua, gaining both a three-year and two-year degree in the same field to specialize as much as possible, while always choosing the path that guaranteed the greatest flexibility, to be sure not to preclude myself from any path I could decide to follow. At the end of my studies I immediately found a job at Sanmarco Informatica, where I took care of the development of the business intelligence team (a team of seven people who created budget forecasting and pricing applications), and small devices through the IoT.

For a while, I also worked as a PM for Miriade, another IT company where I also worked on back end development projects for big customers. Later still, I worked for a cyber security firm for banking groups and other sensitive targets, supported by a team of white hat hackers.

How did you get here in Rawfish, and how do you feel about the place?

I just applied for it one day, and here I am. It is quite a demanding job, having to deal with both back end and dev ops, and also with team management. I am also the developer of the architectural and infrastructural part of the application, in addition to taking care of the coding part.

Despite having a pretty deal of things to do, I am really happy here, in fact, I said no to a couple of other better-paid offers. Here I feel at home, there is a serene environment, I have a great time with my colleagues and I am also happy with the projects I take care of (Citypop, Z-Padel and Stiga, mainly).

The character trait that defines you?

Simple, the more bored I am, the less productive I am! In fact, people can understand that everything has been fine here since I work hard every day!