Gabriele Nardi has been an iOS engineer at Rawfish for a year and a half. Having moved from Udine, he immediately adapted to the group and its work logic, soon getting to work on some of the most important projects of the company.

Gabriele, tell us about the path you took.

I started getting interested in computers and information technology early on, as a child. I attended high school specifically to prepare, but in the end, I changed my mind because computer science was no longer my cup of tea. I then attended ITS Kennedy in Pordenone where I learned the basics of my work, to then continue my studies and become an engineer. In Pordenone, I immediately found a job for three years, with my studies it was not difficult. I arrived at Rawfish a couple of years ago and discovered them by accident. I liked the environment and the projects, so I proposed myself, and here I am.

Was it difficult to adapt to this new reality?

Absolutely not. Moving in itself wasn’t a problem, you just need to maintain the standards you are used to at work, and the rest comes by itself. After all, from Udine to Vicenza there is not all that different. Then I am enjoying myself here, most of the people have a similar mentality to mine and we work quickly, even on very big projects. I immediately felt part of the group.

What projects are you working on right now?

Like everyone else, I am working on a good deal of projects, but in particular they entrusted me with the architecture of the Mediaset app, which I am reviewing from scratch. It is a gigantic and extremely interesting project, especially now that Mediaset intends to acquire a “European” dimension. I also like to work on big projects, they give me more satisfaction from many points of view, so I am in my ideal state at the moment. The other projects I take care of are always very interesting, but they don’t reach the same level of complexity that makes this one more compelling. I hope to maintain this level of work over the next few years.

Let's say goodbye with a sentence that defines you.

More than a phrase, a motto: “Quality, method and fun!” Is the maxim I try to apply to all the things I do, especially when it comes to working. It makes everything easier and lighter, in every respect.