The latest acquisition by the UX / UI team, Federica immediately got to work with enthusiasm on some of Rawfish’s new projects. Let’s get to know her.

Federica, have you always been involved in UX / UI?

Basically yes, when I was in high school I had started studying graphics, which led me to do small jobs for a company in the same sector later. At first, I didn’t think about doing UX / UI, it was something I discovered later, when I attended the Talent Garden master in Milan, first in presence, then with the outbreak of the pandemic from home. So following that experience I did an internship in Padua, and then I took other courses to understand a little “what I wanted to do in life”, before arriving here in Rawfish through a course organised by the region.

Welcome then, but what is exactly your role in Rawfish?

Mainly I take care of UX in fact. I am following some well-structured projects, such as Lavandemia or Mediolanum, which required the study of business processes, to design a product based on what they already are and what they want to become. It’s a very demanding job, and we always need to work hard, but that’s okay with me, so I can improve more and more.

Apart from work, how do you get on here with us?

I feel very comfortable, the environment is very friendly and relaxing, and the colleagues are also very nice, it is easy both to work with them and to socialize. And then I am super happy with the projects they entrusted to me, which allowed me to interface with service design, a topic that has always interested me.

Is there a motto or a phrase that defines you in a particular way?

“When nothing goes right, go left!” it is not original, but it reflects my philosophy of life well.