The work done at Rawfish is very rigorous, but yet there is plenty of space for creativity. Alberto Simonato makes sure both those aspects are part of his daily work and that they are part of the final product.

Alberto, tell us more about what you do!

I am an Art Director, which is my main but not only role here, so I generally take care of managing the projects and their outputs, to be sure that they are always 100% implemented. My aim is to raise the quality standards a step further both in design and in the applicative, especially from a UX / UI perspective.

How comes, you are working at Rawfish.

It is a long story, it all began in the days I attended the Boscardin tech institute in Vicenza. There, I immediately understood that I would walk a path that would lead me to land a creative job. So I followed a three-year course in Multimedia Communication in Ferrara where I began to become familiar with many programs that I now use often at work (Photoshop, 3DStudioMax etc), as well with the basic codes and programming (CSS, Html and so on).

After completing my studies, I was lucky enough to immediately be given an internship in a communication agency here in Vicenza. I worked there for ten years, climbing my way from intern to artistic director, and there I began to create and design websites.

While I was working at the agency, I met Massimo Giordan who worked there from time to time as a provider for mobile app development. We started to chat and eventually he told me about Rawfish and finally in 2015, I decided to take the leap and start to work at Rawfish.

Interesting story, so what are your duties nowadays?

Right now, apart from managing the internal and external communications of Rawfish, I am dealing in particular with the restyling of the website of an important Italian newspaper, and with the creation of concepts proposed by our teams when we do apply for tenders (we are applying for working with two very important Italian companies).

These two projects have been engaging the whole design team, but being disconnected from a programmatic document, we enjoy a certain degree of freedom in its management. Given the complexity of the project, they have still been keeping the team busy for a long time, still we have never lost our enthusiasm.

Let’s say goodbye as usual with a sentence that defines you.

“Hey you, dandy!” It’s a line from a Bud Spencer and Terence Hill’s movie, and it’s usually te one my friends mock me up with because I’m anything but a person who likes to dress up. Since I like their movies and the phrase fits with my mood too, we often use it for fun and to lighten up.