TGcom24: the new Rawfish experience

Applied technology for a smooth and fast experience on the new TGcom24 app user interface.

TGcom24 is the realtime online journal by Mediaset. The newspaper can be used by different media: apps, web, television, radio.

For the TGcom24 app we have been responsible for the native development of the new iOS and Android versions. The scope of the project included greater responsiveness, improvement in loading speed and presentation of content, to give the user the best possible experience.


IOS native development
Android native development

Team Rawfish


3 months


July 2020

Communication optimization app <> server

Compared to previous versions, thanks to the adoption of a middleware in GraphQL, the new app features frontend and content through a single call to the server.
This allows for greater responsiveness when loading content.

Furthermore, the optimization of the data flow from the server to the app allows to show the user only the necessary content.
This means that only what is included in the portion of the app displayed will be loaded immediately.

Realtime content request

The reduction in data consumption was achieved thanks to the implementation of the “real time” request for content while scrolling through a section.

Scrolling for example the news feed at the home section, the fruition returns a seamless experience. The user never encounters slowdowns or “step by step” uploads.

“Compared to previous versions, the new app features frontends and content through a single server call.”


Project Manager

A new architecture for the centralized management of the apps of the Mediaset group

The separation of the kit into 2 modules was a real challenge: a core part that manages communication with middleware, caching, parsing and all common functions. A second part (to which others will be added soon) that renders the peculiar components of a “property” (TgCom, Play, Sport). This will allow in the future not to have to act on the core of the system but only the user interface.

Creation of the first proprietary graphics library

The wide-ranging vision that characterized the project, in a “continuous integration” perspective, led us to develop an SDK written in native language to create the first version of the UI Kit. These components that characterize the atomic system design of the new app, can be used for the restyle of the other apps of the group. The added value will be twofold: faster construction of the interfaces and absolute visual coherence and interaction between the different apps developed.

“The creation of a kit has simplified project management: while one person writes the kit, another works on the app and the integration of the kit, naturally avoiding code conflicts.”


Senior Android Developer