HMI Global Restyling

A customized program to create the new guidelinesfor the human machine interfaces.

Digitec realizes systems to control, manage and supervise industrial plants.
We adopted our “Design Shaping Progam”, a customized program we created for the engineering companies.
Our main focus is to introduce new guidelines through a user-oriented design process.
Indeed, engineering companies often work with the same interfaces they created 30 years ago. Our goal is to increase their productivity with a high quality design and accurate usability analysis.
We provided Digitec the tools and the know-how to realize modular and simple interfaces.

Our role:

Design Shaping Program
HMI UI UX reshape
Digital guideline

What we did

We analyzed and realized the guidelines to develop new human machine interfaces that the specialized workers use every day.
The first step for this journey was a preparatory meeting to introduce our designers to the engineering world.
The following steps were:

– fixing the goals
– analyzing the weaknesses of the user interfaces
– analyzing the process whit interviews under realistic conditions
– content structure of the views
– building the structure of the wireframe
– building a new user interface (color palette, font, icons)
– A/B test with a specialized worker

Development and cyclic reviews

The project was structured in order to validate each step of the projectbefore to proceed with the following.

Every step of the project called for the client engagement.
This approach helped us to optimize the development timing
and align the client thanks to the solutions adopted.

New interfacesfinal test

We engaged once again the engineer workers for the final test

For the last phase of the project we prepared a final test using directly the new user interface in the hardware used in a real productive line. The test confirmed the requirements we introduced in terms of readibility, iconography, colors.
A tester gave feedback about the new interfaces’ usability.

Developing the Digital Guideline

The final result is a documentexplaining the guidelines to develop the new HMI.

The production of a digital UI guideline gives the chance to the client
to develop the future interfaces following the specifications regarding
graphic style, measurements, colours, fonts, graphic components and design patterns.