Platform Restyling

Kick-off meeting

Up-Trade srl, with more than 400 kiosks spanning 42 countries (80 shops all around Italy) and 42,000 online visitors on their website, has the exclusive distribution in Italy, Spain and Algeria of Mobile Outfitters.
Mobile Outfitters is a product with a one-in-a-kind patented technology used for screens protection which is unique for any mobile device. The sophisticated technology helps the devices to avoid getting broken screens and surface scratches.

The client’s main goal was to highlight the different products and the services provided in the local shops to attract new customers combining an online and offline strategy.
Their idea was to bring more customers to the local kiosks, thanks to the improvement of their “Store Locator” web page: since their products can’t be self-applied to the devices, it’s very hard and ineffective selling them online.
Their secondary goal was to improve their brand reputation strengthening their corporate identity across the website and social media.

What we did:

UI/UX Design
Responsive website

Our approach. What we did

Our first step is always the assessment and that’s why we’ve analyzed the client’s needs, the new website requirements and their competitive advantages.
Then, we’ve started focusing on the Design process, considering the overall User Experience, User Interface and the corporate identity messages in terms of online and offline communication. Finally, we’ve started the development of the website using Wordpress.
Before the final delivery, we’ve spent a few hours to teach the internal team on how to use wordpress, in order to be sure they could use their new platform to add their daily content.
After the “go live” stage we’ve provided the client with the website analytics to give feedback on our work. We love Data as they don’t lie.

First things first. Our analysis

Our first step has been a deep analysis to start working with the client getting some clear ideas about the direction to take and the goals to reach.
We scheduled a co-design session in order to define the Mobile Outfitters user personas: in other words their typical customers.

A brand new web look and the corporate identity

Done with the analysis, we started improving the UX designing a new user experience for the specific target audience, according to our client’s goals. After that, we focused on the UI, finding the best style for the platform and their corporate identity strategy.


  • we’ve suggested a new payoff for their logo. “Tech Protection Revolution” was the proposal chosen by the client and now it goes alongside with the logo in every kind of communication;
  • we’ve suggested working with a professional photographer to get new, high quality pictures to improve the look of al the corporate branded materials;
  • we’ve improved colors and fonts;
  • we’ve gathered all the guidelines in a document helping to execute the new corporate identity on social media and out of home materials.

How we have worked on the website development

We starting our work with Mobile Outfitters mapping out the client’s needs.
We’ve then decided to develop the new platform on Wordpress, with the goal to make it easy for the internal team.
As a mobile development agency, it’s very important to us delivering a responsive website. It was challenging because of the huge amount of high-quality images used on the platform. To the end, before the going live stage, we gave instructions to the team briefing on how to manage the platform with live recorded sessions.

What we achieved

For the following three months, we’ve been checking the online data coming from the new website. After 3 months after the launch of the restyling, we noticed about 25% of the users were focused on the “store locator” page.
Thanks to the first analysis and the work done to improve the overall User Experience we’ve been able to improve the user journey and to reach the client’s main goal.