New HMI for the production supervisor

Existing interface analysis and new brand guidelines for the new digital identity while creating new interfaces

TDE MACNO has been designing and developing specific solutions for industrial automation, in particular: static converters for the control of electric motors, sinchronous and asynchronous. They asked us to work on a feasibility study and graphic interface. The collaborative approach between the Rawfish team and the TDE Managers, helped to implement the new guidelines for the supervisor. These guidelines are now available for the next projects.

Our role

Design Shaping Program
Environment Analysis
Engineer Interviews
New Structure analysis
New HMI creation

What we did

We analyzed and developed the brand guidelines that TDE Macno used to create its new HMI. We were introduced to the specific market with some preparatory meetings. These are the steps we undertook with the client:

– we established the goals and the timeline
– existing interface and weaknesses analysis
– process and environmental analysis with engineer interviews
– designing the screen structures
– wireframe structure layout
– new user interface proposal (palette, icons, font)

Development and cyclic review

The project has been structured to engage the client in the analysis and creative process, sharing each step before working on the next one.

This approach gave us the chance to optmize the development process thanks to the comparison of different solutions.

The old User Interface

Graphic elements analysis and implementation

Defining every interface, considering the final result and the right balance between all the elements.

Colours palette

Chromatic guidelines to obtain the best contrast between texts and graphical elements for optimized reading.

The final steps of the project included a second test directly on the production hardware. Thanks to this test we (Rawfish) understood the limits of the views in terms of readable texts, icons and colours. A tester later verified that the new interfaces, compared with the old ones, were more intuitive and provided useful feedback.

Customized icons

The icon set we created represents the interface content. The style and the palette give consistency to the guidelines. This in order to allow the user to understand immediately the value represented exploiting the strengths of graphical representation.