Best Hostess

We redesigned and developed the Italian platform for hiring hostesses and stewards for promotional corporate events.

Best Hostess, an Italian company operating in the field of events organization, expands its offer with a new online platform for hiring of hostesses and stewards.
Companies can now create advertisements to search for the most suitable profiles for their event. Hostesses and stewards can freely apply or be chosen by the company.

The supervision of the entire recruiting flow, from validation of the advert to payment, is constantly followed by Best Hostess. Transparency and speed of exchanges are thus guaranteed at every stage, for all the actors involved.

We took care of:

Service design
UX/UI design
User test
Frontend Development
Backoffice Development
Backend Development


Rawfish Team:


12 months

Published on:

November 2023

Analysis of competitors and focus on the context

The study of the context through the discover phase represented the first phase of the project. We collected a consistent benchmark to detect the best case studies.

Once the project specifications and its boundaries were outlined, all the logical flows of the respective actors were designed using the Service Blueprint. For each user action, we explored all the triggers that arose at the front-end, back-end, back-office and email channel. The flows were analyzed along the three macro moments of the flow: navigation, research and recruitment, execution of the event and post-event.

The output of the service blueprint phase allowed the entire working group, in which the customer was actively involved, to highlight all those functional details necessary to guarantee the desired user experience.

Great attention was dedicated to the study of the flow of creation of an announcement by the corporate user already in the phase preceding the drafting of wireframes.
Using an iterative approach, we explored various solutions with quick, high-level visual drafts. This method allowed us to reach the solution adopted in just a few days of activity.

Ad publication flow

Fast sketching phase to define the best user experience during the company's budget definition

“The service design and fast wireframing phases were taken care of in detail, building the best solutions for users together with the customer.”


UX UI Designer

User personas. Exploring each user's needs and goals.

Definition of requirements for respective platform actor

For each archetype, a profile was drawn up, with its needs and work objectives. Then we contextualized it in the new platform, so the needs and objectives allowed us to outline in detail the respective functions to be included already at its launch. The many stimuli that emerged, filled a list of "nice to have" functions that will be developed for future releases of the platform.

The 3 user profiles we identified

Hostesses / Stewards

They use the platform to search for on-call job opportunities. They create their public profile to offer themselves to companies.


They register their company to publish job adverts and receive applications. They can actively make a direct application request to one or more users.

Admin best hostess

The Best hostess team must manage all incoming requests (advertisements), user data and the creation of their adverts.

Responsive structure of the platform

The web platform works both in more comfortable contexts (PC, laptop) and mobile devices (tablet, smartphone). Breakpoints cover 375 to 1440 px to offer optimized navigation on any device.

Ecosystem development with Bubble

Bubble allowed us to immediately offer a lean, high-performance and fast platform. Planning for future developments is also facilitated thanks to the numerous possible integrations. Both for the public and administrative parts, they were built with the single page app mode, which speeds up navigation enormously. Bubble allowed us to insert complex logics, such as the creation of the advert, the dynamic suggestion of the minimum hourly cost, the management of applications and the ease of sharing new available events.

Adaptation of the UI to the brand identity

The wireframing phase defined the structure of the views and the hierarchy of contents, organized into the various sections.

The skin we chose for the user interface creative process initially considered the current brand image of Best Hostess. Through iterative phases, a single accent color was then chosen in different shades, combined with white backgrounds and anthracite for the texts. We obtained interfaces where white predominates to allow excellent readability and where the accent color is used for those elements that need to stand out (call to action, selected states, icons, etc.)

Hostesses e Stewards

Web app user – mobile


Registration allows both types of users to create their own profile. The choice to use a photographic element to distinguish the two calls to action was intended to be able to guide the user towards the respective flows at a glance. The element is completed by the title which shows the label of the respective person and a subtitle which shows the main characterizing action that the user can perform.

Web app user – desktop

Ad navigation

Registered hostesses and stewards can search among the published advertisements and apply to those they chose. each announcement sheet contains all the relevant data, such as: the specifics of the figure sought, the role, the period of activity and the total net compensation.

Web app user – mobile.

Engagements and Applications

From laptops or smartphones, stewards and hostesses can consult their personal area to check the status of their applications, being able to accept the job by contacting the promoting company directly. A transactional email system updates them in parallel.

Web app user – mobile

Personal Profile

This section offers Hostesses and Stewards a complete overview of their activities and personal data. The user can follow the engagements, applications and update the public photo gallery.

“Hostesses and Stewards also have a complete environment available on smartphones for managing their activities.”


UX UI Designer


Web app company – mobile


Companies can register for free from the respective flow, outlining their profile.
The platform allows you to immediately publish your first advert for free.

Even for companies, the responsive platform offers the possibility of following activities both from laptop, tablet or mobile.

Web app company – mobile

Engagements and applications

For each advertisement created, companies can decide to view the candidate profiles by paying the fee to Best Hostess.

The company may pay to be able to view candidates for its ads

Web app company- mobile

Selection of candidates.

The site presents a list of candidates who responded to the advertisement.

The candidate card explains the main data at a glance: photo, personal data, height and rating (assigned to the profile by the companies with which it collaborated and visible only to companies).

Each candidate will receive a notification regarding the selection.

Web app company – desktop.

Public profile of Hostesses and Stewards

The site presents a list of candidates who responded to the advertisement. This allows you to apply an informed selection of candidates.

Web app user – desktop.

Creation of an Ad

The guided creation of an advert allows the company to outline the profiles sought with great precision. The type of event is described in detail: context, times, address, role, etc. The company has the freedom to insert both a single event and a traveling event, specifying for each event the respective complete addresses, days and times.

Choosing each option updates the total cost in real time

Web app company – desktop.

Selection of searched profile

The company is offered 3 macro profiles to select from: SMART, HIGH, MODEL. Each macro profile lists the tasks carried out by the respectively categorized candidates.

The company is thus guided to make a precise choice based on the tasks it needs for its event.

Each macro profile includes a basic hourly cost that increases based on the type of skills offered.

The ideal hourly salary is suggested based on the specifics indicated in the advertisement

“A dynamic system which suggests the best hourly salary allows companies to publish effective adverts, obtaining applications in a short time.”


UX UI Designer


Web app admin – desktop.

Backoffice Best Hostess for complete management of the platform: announcements, users, roles

For the Best hostess team we developed a dedicated back-office. The panel allows to have an overview of the subscriber base, of the advertisements created by the companies and by BH itself.

Ad moderation

Each advert, before its actual publication, is moderated by the Best Hostess team to verify its contents and coherence. The Best Hostess team suggests to companies virtuous changes to adverts when deemed necessary for their good performance.

Furthermore, each new registered company is contacted by telephone to carry out a check on the same, guaranteeing the absence of incompatible realities from the platform.

Each announcement and registered user can be viewed and managed by the admin

Web app admin – desktop.

User profile

A section of functions for managing registered users is available to the Best Hostess team. Download of the profile sheet in pdf format, user blocking and his definitive elimination from the database.

The admin backoffice has also been optimized for different desktop and mobile breakpoints

Web app company – desktop.

List view

The list view of registered users divides between active and blocked profiles.

The search field allows you to find the desired profiles.

"Best Hostess returns online with a completely new full digital service, which places it among the best players in providing hostess and promoter services for high-level events.”


Project Manager