It’s not easy to talk about innovation.

We gave our contribution organising the first event for startups Vicenza, where our headquarter is.

Aquarium Day was a great event for startups wanting to learn more about what it means to manage an innovative project and to develop a business idea.

The event was possible thanks to our mentors: Alessia Camera (marketing), Alessandro Caso of Intesys (strategy), Federico Miotti of Quadra (finance), Massimiliano Briganti of AB Studio Legale (legal), Alberto Luca and Alessandro of Rawfish (design/ development).

Aquarium Day Mentors | Rawfish - Intesys - Alessia Camera - Studio Quadra - AB Studio Legale

We selected 6 projects who presented their idea during the event and had the chance to be mentored by professionals.

The group of participating startups included  CercaTrova, Jumpooling, Parklead, Easy To Rent – Luxury Retreats, GudJob and Studish. They all were looking for help to consolidate their idea with a strong and conscious strategy, and they all got great suggestions during Aquarium Day.

Aquarium Day Startup | Jump - Parklead - Easy to Rent - Gud Job - Cerca Trova - Studish

Startups had the opportunity to talk with the mentors about their business idea, asking for some advice on how to succeed at the same time; each participant was allocated 15-20 minutes with each mentor where discussions cloud flow free, specific to the area of expertise of the mentor.

To bring startups’ ideas to the next level and to test their public speaking abilities, keynote speakers had 10 minutes to talk about their experience and the history of their startup in a competitive speech to win awards such as consulting with professionals who could help them even more.

Are you curious about the winner? The mentors decided for CercaTrova, a super early-stage project with the purpose of creating a virtual database in order to find stolen stuff.
The second place was taken by Jump, a car pooling platform for sports lovers. The team who arrived from Vercelli presented their solution for the extreme sports passionates who always have troubles to practice their sports.
The third step of the podium was conquered by Parklead, the parking platform for motorbikers.

After the event, Alessia Camera presented her new book “Startup Marketing“. As a Digital Growth Hacker based in London, she inspired the startups to also include a digital marketing approach in their strategy.

Aquarium Day was the contribution of Rawfish to all startups looking for technical advice and to reward their business idea. It is not easy to obtain the help of professionals, Rawfish knows that; that’s why we want to help other startups succeeding and grow into sustainable business entities.
That’s why that we also provide programs dedicated to startups, to help them understand the tools and tech they need to develop their ideas further.
The selected startups attending Aquarium Day have been very happy and showed gratitude for the help they got, showing perseverance and curiosity to get the most out of their efforts.

Good luck to all the participants and we hope to see you all soon!