This is the mobile era. And not just because we are always on the move, but because of the device now in your hands, the one you’re taking with you every day.
If you don’t believe me, maybe the We Are Social survey will convince you:

3.448 billion active mobile internet users, 46% of the world population.

How is this relevant for your business? Let’s look at six reasons why it matters, and why you should think of having a native app for your business.

1. A mobile app can offer better personalisation

You can reach your customers anytime and anywhere via personalised communications based on their interests, location, behaviour, and more. Therefore, you can offer a better experience, increase engagement and have the chances of getting users wanting to buy your product or service.

Bonus: you get more data on users behaviour, data that you can use for targeted marketing actions.

2. App notifications are the new newsletter

There are mainly two kinds of app notifications: push notifications, and in-app notifications.
Push notifications are sent to mobile devices irrespective of your app being open or not.
Conversely, in-app notifications are received only when users have your app open.
Those are both interesting alternatives for communicating with your customers in a less intrusive way or you can continue to fill in your customers email spam box.

3. A mobile app uses smartphones features

Mobile apps have the benefit of being able to use the different features of a mobile device such as camera, contact list, GPS, etc. These characteristics are possibilities for your business, as you can exploit them to make the user experience interactive and more pleasant.
Additionally, these peculiarities can simplify some tasks for the user and drive them to a conversion.
Isn’t that great?

4. A mobile app can work offline

Some functions of your mobile app can work without an internet connection: this means that you can always offer a service to your audience and talk to them through the app notifications, even when they cannot connect to the web.

5. Your brand experience

Your audience is your audience. By having a mobile app, you can protect your clients from your competitors, and keep them in contact with your communication channels, services, and products exclusively.
Through your app, you can vehiculate your values and your vision in a one-to-one relationship, offering a better brand experience to your audience.

6. Your brand presence

Mobile users spend the 80% of their digital time on apps (ComScore). This means that your brand can be seen by your audience more often if you have a mobile app compared to a traditional web site.

Bonus: The app icon acts as an adv for your brand, which will always be in front of your audience.

Offering a service means giving something valuable to potential future clients. Today, people don’t buy products just fulfil a need but to be part of something, a group or a community. So, your audience could and would be a part of your brand. Community precedes commerce.
As Kevin Kelly says, “From places to spaces”. This means that in this time of digital intermediation, you can give value only through your exclusive space, your communication channels, your native app, because the most powerful technologies are those that enhance, amplify, extend, augment, and develop relationships and offer utility.
Are you excited about all these opportunities and want to develop a mobile app for your business? Get in touch!