Meet the Team at Rawfish: Federica Signorelli

[P.S. Italian version here!]

Let's meet Federica Signorelli, the latest to join the Business Development team in Rawfish!

Hi Federica! Tell us what you do, what is your role in Rawfish?

I am an account, I function as a link between Rawfish and the client, so I follow both the clients’ relationships and the operating aspect of the company.

From Naples to Milan, passing through Vicenza for a short time. Was it traumatic?

I’m not sure traumatic is the right word, but surely it was challenging. I like this “new life”, but I miss Naples and the sea. Milan is definitely a city that offers multiple advantages and opportunities in the business field, it allows you to grow a lot professionally. But I miss that sense of infinite and the looking beyond that only looking at the sea allows.

But I have to admit, I became industrialized. I prepare the morning coffee the night before so that I can capitalize on the early morning!

The stay in Vicenza well introduced me to the team, and in Rawfish I immediately felt at home. The colleagues made me feel comfortable and were very supportive since the beginning. This allowed me to easily adapt to the situation.  

What was your journey to Rawfish?

We have to start way back. I studied in Naples and got my graduate degree in “Industrial public communication” in 2016. I immediately started working, but then came a point at which I felt the desire of changing something. This desire, together with the passion for the digital industry, made me understand it was time for a new experience. Whilst I was figuring out the how, when and where to look for it, I received a job offer from Milan. When my experience there was almost finished I found Rawfish on my path, and I immediately noticed how it reflected my primary values and work environment in its mission. Seeing that, I immediately thought “Why not?” and here I am!

On which project are you working at the moment? What was the most challenging project you took on until now?

At the moment I am on different projects, among which there are the Virgin Radio app and the Mediaset Play one. The most challenging project definitely was the Marco Mengoni app. Because it was so complicated at the beginning to understand and manage all the different dynamics, it had me learn a lot very fast. It was the first project I worked on when I started working in Rawfish and I am attached to it, as it gave me 360° vision!

Best quote from Federica Signorelli?

"E quann good good, chiù black d’ a midnight nun po’ venì!"

It’s a funny sentence in a gibbery english that belongs to the Napulian tradition and literally means: and when good good, it can’t get darker than midnight. It is a funny way to undramatize and react when uncomfortable situations happen. Instead of getting angry, you try to make it better by saying that, in the end, it can’t get darker than midnight!  

Meet the team at Rawfish: Alessandro Sisto


Today we meet Alessandro Sisto, the latest addition to the Android Development Rawfish team!

Hey Alessandro! What do you do here? What is your role in Rawfish?

I am an Android developer, I mainly create and test apps that are usable on the green robot smartphones.

From Ferrara to Vicenza, passing by Udine, how did you get to Rawfish? But mainly, from geology to computer technology, what pushed you in this direction?

I have to say that this question hit a nerve. We can say that it all began with the passion for videogames, that has been there since I was a kid. I had the chance to get close to computer technology when, towards the end of my geology studies, I became part of a web videogames indie team. Back then I did game design and I had never written a single line of code, I didn’t know what programming meant. I perfectly remember the first time I saw the senior programmer writing code: I was immediately hooked.

Unfortunately, after 6 months the team was dismantled but at that point, my ideas were pretty clear: I chose to begin a new journey, getting a Computer Science degree instead of continuing my Geology Master.

My choice was the Web and Multimedia Technologies degree in Udine. This choice allowed me to get to know and work in different IT sectors, passing through web and videogames development and ending up in mobile apps development. I found my real interest to be in the ladder, and so through university contacts, I ended up in Rawfish.

What projects are you working on at the moment?

Currently, I am part of the team that is working on the Mediaset Play app. It’s a very challenging project that allows me to work with other teams that come from different backgrounds and work on complementary parts of the project.

Which was the most challenging project you worked on?

Surely the Mengoni app: it was a real challenge for the whole Android team! It has been made in record time with a new architecture, using all the new components that we never experimented with until then.

You are one of the latest additions to our team, how was arriving in Rawfish?

Thanks to my colleagues I have to say it was very easy. Ever since the first month I started working, I always felt welcome. It isn’t always easy for the new arrivals to immediately settle in, especially counting that I had to move to a new city. My Android manager made the work transition and my introduction to projects very easy. He was always by my side when I needed him and always helped when I had decisions to make. Moreover, every person in Rawfish showed to be very available and happy to support me in my professional development (and to catch a cold one after work).

The best Alessandro Sisto quote?

The greatest pleasure in life is to do what others think impossible.

Impossible is nothing.