Amazon Alexa: our experience

Developing the skill Amazon Alexa for the new "Atlantico" album by Marco Mengoni

Marco Mengoni is the first Italian artist who have developed an Amazon Alexa skill for his new album called “Atlantico”.
The Rawish team, that is currently taking care of the mobile app design and development, has challenged itself with the Amazon Alexa integration.

Here above you can find the video launch of the “Atlantico” Amazon Alexa skill.

Here a resume to explain how the Rawfish team realized the “Atlantico” Amazon Alexa skill.

What is an Amazon Alexa skill?

Amazon Alexa is the personal assistant that the American company developed in order to allow people to control with voice commands their Echo series, smart speakers. It is very easy to interact with Alexa, it is sufficient to use a voice command that starts with the word “Alexa” and then give specific commands.

Alexa gives the possibility to develop Skills, which allow the clients to create a customized experience. Skills are proper add-on mini apps, through which the users can customize Alexa’s behavior adding new functionalities. Moreover, thanks to its architecture based upon the cloud, new functionalities get implemented without the need for an active update.

Our Experience with Marco Mengoni

Developing an Alexa Skill dedicated to new Marco Mengoni’s music project has been an interesting challenge.

A model composed by a conglomerate of intents – actions that you wish for Alexa to execute – was created, and every intent was composed by a series of utterances, which are a set of sentences that the user can pronounce to obtain the desired intent.

For example an intent is “Play a track”, consequently, the utterances will be “Let me listen track XYZ” or “tell me about the track XYZ”. So, utterances are all those sentences that the voice recognition software needs to understand what action the user wants.

Once the actions are created, the managing backend is implemented.