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Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP): why they are important to your website

Many responsive sites take too long to load on tablets and smartphones due to a lot of different reasons, mainly the large number of resources to load and the network speed when browsing from mobile is not always optimal. So, how can you get a fast loading website?

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What’s AMP Google technology?

Amp is a Google open-source project allowing sites to load faster. AMP’s goal is to provide a sensational user experience across many platforms through the optimisation of mobile pages to guarantee a fast loading website. Optimising the loading time for content, AMP works on images, videos, or animations when it is too heavy to provide good performance on the mobile browsers or social platforms. AMP-optimized pages require less data to load as well.

Why is it so important to have a fast loading website?

Every time a web page takes too long to load you lose a reader and with him the opportunity to earn revenue via advertising or subscriptions.
Apparently, 53% of users leave a website if it takes more than 3 seconds to load the pages.

Rudy Galfi, AMP’s project PM affirms:

The median load time for AMP is 0.7 seconds, the time it takes for your eye to blink twice. By contrast, the median load time for non-AMPs is 22.0 seconds, the time it takes for you to leave the site and never come back.

The equation is “fast content → fast readers → more consumption”, and that matters for every player in this market (publishers, technologic partners, social platforms). Who wouldn’t want web pages rich of content that loads instantaneously thanks to a super fast loading website?

What are the results of using AMP Google Technology?

Measurements made on AMP-optimized pages showed significant results: on average, they loaded four times faster and required ten times less data than traditional pages, a nice result for your users.
But it does not end here: loading speed and data consumption are not the only benefits.
Google is not ranking better AMPs only because they are AMPs, but because the speed factor is key for search engines. Basically, Google recognises that AMP websites are more valuable for the users.
The better SEO ranking is very important for sites – especially those based primarily on news and text content. It influences the content distribution too, as AMPs appear prominently on the mobile search carousel resulting in increased traffic, CTR, and general content awareness.

AMPs is a technology that anybody developing websites and producing content should be aware of. Loading speed and usability of your content shouldn’t be (too often, unfortunately) neglected aspects. You should aim to produce content that loads quickly and can be consumed as quickly: if you don’t, having the best content on the market will not matter. Nobody will see it if it takes more than five seconds to be accessed.

Those are the reasons why Rawfish employs many resources and energies to develop this technology.
Check out the super fast loading website we’ve developed for the Italian TV program “Le Iene” using AMP Technology.

Are you ready to boost the usability of your web site? If you are curious to know what AMP means, check here!

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6 reasons why you must have an app for your business

This is the mobile era. And not just because we are always on the move, but because of the device now in your hands, the one you’re taking with you every day.
If you don’t believe me, maybe the We Are Social survey will convince you:

3.448 billion active mobile internet users, 46% of the world population.

How is this relevant for your business? Let’s look at six reasons why it matters, and why you should think of having a native app for your business.

1. A mobile app can offer better personalisation

You can reach your customers anytime and anywhere via personalised communications based on their interests, location, behaviour, and more. Therefore, you can offer a better experience, increase engagement and have the chances of getting users wanting to buy your product or service.

Bonus: you get more data on users behaviour, data that you can use for targeted marketing actions.

2. App notifications are the new newsletter

There are mainly two kinds of app notifications: push notifications, and in-app notifications.
Push notifications are sent to mobile devices irrespective of your app being open or not.
Conversely, in-app notifications are received only when users have your app open.
Those are both interesting alternatives for communicating with your customers in a less intrusive way or you can continue to fill in your customers email spam box.

3. A mobile app uses smartphones features

Mobile apps have the benefit of being able to use the different features of a mobile device such as camera, contact list, GPS, etc. These characteristics are possibilities for your business, as you can exploit them to make the user experience interactive and more pleasant.
Additionally, these peculiarities can simplify some tasks for the user and drive them to a conversion.
Isn’t that great?

4. A mobile app can work offline

Some functions of your mobile app can work without an internet connection: this means that you can always offer a service to your audience and talk to them through the app notifications, even when they cannot connect to the web.

5. Your brand experience

Your audience is your audience. By having a mobile app, you can protect your clients from your competitors, and keep them in contact with your communication channels, services, and products exclusively.
Through your app, you can vehiculate your values and your vision in a one-to-one relationship, offering a better brand experience to your audience.

6. Your brand presence

Mobile users spend the 80% of their digital time on apps (ComScore). This means that your brand can be seen by your audience more often if you have a mobile app compared to a traditional web site.

Bonus: The app icon acts as an adv for your brand, which will always be in front of your audience.

Offering a service means giving something valuable to potential future clients. Today, people don’t buy products just fulfil a need but to be part of something, a group or a community. So, your audience could and would be a part of your brand. Community precedes commerce.
As Kevin Kelly says, “From places to spaces”. This means that in this time of digital intermediation, you can give value only through your exclusive space, your communication channels, your native app, because the most powerful technologies are those that enhance, amplify, extend, augment, and develop relationships and offer utility.
Are you excited about all these opportunities and want to develop a mobile app for your business? Get in touch!

Aquarium Day, the first mentoring event for startups in Vicenza

It's not easy to talk about innovation.

We gave our contribution organising the first event for startups Vicenza, where our headquarter is.

Aquarium Day was a great event for startups wanting to learn more about what it means to manage an innovative project and to develop a business idea.

The event was possible thanks to our mentors: Alessia Camera (marketing), Alessandro Caso of Intesys (strategy), Federico Miotti of Quadra (finance), Massimiliano Briganti of AB Studio Legale (legal), Alberto Luca and Alessandro of Rawfish (design/ development).

Aquarium Day Mentors | Rawfish - Intesys - Alessia Camera - Studio Quadra - AB Studio Legale

We selected 6 projects who presented their idea during the event and had the chance to be mentored by professionals.

The group of participating startups included  CercaTrova, Jumpooling, Parklead, Easy To Rent - Luxury Retreats, GudJob and Studish. They all were looking for help to consolidate their idea with a strong and conscious strategy, and they all got great suggestions during Aquarium Day.

Aquarium Day Startup | Jump - Parklead - Easy to Rent - Gud Job - Cerca Trova - Studish

Startups had the opportunity to talk with the mentors about their business idea, asking for some advice on how to succeed at the same time; each participant was allocated 15-20 minutes with each mentor where discussions cloud flow free, specific to the area of expertise of the mentor.

To bring startups’ ideas to the next level and to test their public speaking abilities, keynote speakers had 10 minutes to talk about their experience and the history of their startup in a competitive speech to win awards such as consulting with professionals who could help them even more.

Are you curious about the winner? The mentors decided for CercaTrova, a super early-stage project with the purpose of creating a virtual database in order to find stolen stuff.
The second place was taken by Jump, a car pooling platform for sports lovers. The team who arrived from Vercelli presented their solution for the extreme sports passionates who always have troubles to practice their sports.
The third step of the podium was conquered by Parklead, the parking platform for motorbikers.

After the event, Alessia Camera presented her new book "Startup Marketing". As a Digital Growth Hacker based in London, she inspired the startups to also include a digital marketing approach in their strategy.

Aquarium Day was the contribution of Rawfish to all startups looking for technical advice and to reward their business idea. It is not easy to obtain the help of professionals, Rawfish knows that; that’s why we want to help other startups succeeding and grow into sustainable business entities.
That's why that we also provide programs dedicated to startups, to help them understand the tools and tech they need to develop their ideas further.
The selected startups attending Aquarium Day have been very happy and showed gratitude for the help they got, showing perseverance and curiosity to get the most out of their efforts.

Good luck to all the participants and we hope to see you all soon!